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Fitness Factory is introducing a brand new Transformation package

Starting January at NO EXTRA COST!

Why choose Transformation Program?

1- Don’t know where to start your fitness journey?

2- Don’t like training on your own?

3- Not seeing results?

4- Need a tailored training program so you can reach your goals faster?

5- Need help setting your SMART goals?

6- Need someone to track your goals?

7- Need help with your diet?

8- Want to Build self-confidence?

9- Want a friendly atmosphere with no intimidation?

10- Staff who actually care about you and your goals

If you answered YES to any of the above please book your FREE Consultation Today!


What we offer for our Transformation Program:

1- Free consultation

2- Personalised Training program

3- 1 PT session (to get you familiar with the training program)

4- Free supervised sessions (5-7 pm) Monday to Thursday

5- Full gym access

6- Diet advice

7- Progress tracking

8- Body composition

9- On-going support

10- Results of your hard work

 joining fee!

NO hard-to-break contract!

NO hassles!

NO excuses!

You won’t find a better fitness deal!


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Special Offer
Special Offer