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Fitness Factory offers free supervised sessions to members. We are dedicated to providing ladies of Telford with the support you need to reach your fitness goals if it’s to drop a dress size or change your eating and exercise regime. Fitness Factory will guide you step by step.

What’s are Supervised Sessions?

Supervised sessions are not classes or 1 to 1 personal training sessions. Supervised sessions are where a member of staff will be available to help you with your workouts, motivate you through your training session, correct your posture, technique, guide you and to answer any questions or queries you may have.

If there is only you there at that time you can benefit from having 1 to 1 support at no extra cost.

Supervised sessions will be available soon between 5-7 pm Monday to Thursday.


You are 1 step closer!

Why choose Gym Starter Package?

1- Don’t know where to start your fitness journey?

2- Want to learn how to train correctly & effectively?

3- Not seeing results?

4- Need a tailored training program so you can reach your goals faster?

5- Need help setting your SMART goals?

6- Need to track your progress?

7- Need help with your diet?

8- Want to Build self-confidence?

9- Want a friendly atmosphere with no intimidation?

10- Want Staff who actually care about you and your goals?

If you answered YES to any of the above please book your FREE Consultation Today!


What’s included in our Starter Gym Package:

1- Free consultation

2- Full gym access

3- Personalised Training program

4- 3 x P.T sessions covering the basics of all the gym machines, free weights, training systems, exercises, posture,technique,etc…

5- Progress tracking

6- Body composition

7- On-going support

8- Help you build gym confidence

9- Diet Advice

10- Results of your hard work

Book Your FREE Consultation Today

 joining fee!

NO hard-to-break contract!

NO hassles!

NO excuses!

You won’t find a better fitness deal!

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Ladies Only Gym is separate from the main gym and features a wide range of equipment. We are very much aware of how important it is to feel comfortable and relaxed in your surroundings. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and we are committed to helping women of all ages and abilities to achieve their very best in health and fitness, without any fear of judgement. Our dedicated Ladies only Area is fully equipped with plenty of necessary cardiovascular machines, free weights and resistance training from bikes to treadmills, functional rig and other various bits to give the ladies of Fitness Factory the best training experience in privacy and comfort.

Your physique will change in the way you want it to and your general conditioning will improve overall. You will be fitter, more slender and have more energy than ever before with a set training regime. Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen up or improve overall fitness we can guide you in the right direction. Our passionate and expert staff members will advise and support you throughout your workout if required. You know you will make the most out of your time here.


Why Personal Training

Personal training mean that you get a tailored program specific to your fitness level and goals with each session solely devoted to helping you get results. your personal coach can help you improve your skills, strengthen areas you feel you need help with and help you stay motivated and accountable to achieve your goal.

Flexible Schedule

Train at a time that suits you with the coach o your choice.Our coaches can wok around your schedule.

Measured Progress

We record your workouts so you can see a progression in your fitness levels, strength and training each week as you make improvements and strides toward your goals.

Personal Attention

With a personal trainer the session focus will be 100% on you and helping to achieve your goals and see results by working with you and creating a tailored plan.

Supporting You

Reaching a fitness goal can be hard but is made much easier when you have a coach in your corner you, advuse you and help you tailor a plan that allows for progress.

For more information please contact us.


Whether you’re just visiting the area or don’t want to commit to any monthly membership. Fitness Factory gives you the flexibility to use the gym pay as you go with no commitment, you can start and stop when you want. There is no joining fees you can simply turn up and pay £4 for a session. No mandatory induction required!

Can be paid by cash or card on the reception.