This area is separate from the main gym and features a wide range of equipment. We are very much aware how important it is to feel comfortable and relaxed in your surroundings. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and we are committed to helping women of all ages and abilities to achieve their very best in health and fitness, without any fear of judgement. Our dedicated Ladies Gym is fully equipped with plenty of necessary cardiovascular machines, free weights and resistance training from bikes to treadmills, functional rig and other various bits to give the ladies of Fitness Factory the best training experience in privacy and comfort.
Your physique will change in the way you want it to and your general conditioning will improve overall. You will be fitter, more slender and have more energy than ever before with a set training regime. Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen up or improve overall fitness we can guide you in the right direction. Our passionate and expert staff members will advise and support you throughout your workout if required. You know you will make the most out of your time here.

NEW at Fitness Factory – MYZONE® Activity Belts

MYZONE® is an accurate monitoring system that will help motivate you and push you to improve by providing personalised results that will improve your workout. The belt monitors your heart rate, effort and calories burned in a real time display in classes and in the gym. An online logbook is created for each belt, meaning you can view all of your workouts and any other data collected.
  • View your effort live on your smartphone
  • Make connections and challenge friends
  • Earn points and gain status rankings
  • Connect to other wearable devices
  • Connect to 3rd party equipment for maximum versatility
  • Get trustworthy results with 99.4% EKG accuracy